National Borders

Uncle Jim used to say that countries which did not control their borders couldn’t survive. He convinced me.

I tend towards democratic socialism. Most of my friends are liberal, some even far leftie liberal. I’m going to have to admit something. So much of my experience with the Republican president makes me think he’s always wrong, that I have come close to suspending my judgement in response to him. Oh, gosh. I’m jumping on a rotten limb here, not just stepping out on one. I think he’s right about securing the borders of the country. Of course he’s such an ass when he talks about it, he arouses the anger and resistance from us on the left.

If you think there should be no border control, especially regarding the movements of non Americans wanting to cross the border, we have little to discuss. I won’t move to your position. If you do agree that some limitations are necessary, where do you draw the line?

I think this is my primary question. And it’s likely I’ll write more on it, especially if I get some good feedback about this. Please respond in the comment section below.

My Church disagrees; at least the Jesuits.

Walk well.