Fighters | A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Match in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Until a month ago, I had never photographed fighters as individuals or competitors in a large venue. I have enjoyed the change. My friend, Calob Ramirez, was scheduled for a fight and I tagged along, excited at the prospect of photographing fighters and fighting. The experience did not disappoint. The wish barely prepared me for the excitement, and thrill, and joy.

Hair Today and Gone Tomorow

I got a good seat on the bleachers and looked for subjects to photograph. A fellow next to me, Malachi, had a topknot. Looking around, I noticed that a number of men had interesting hair arrangements and began photographing them. That gave me entre to engage the fighters for other photographs. Later as I photographed fights, I had a strong sense of loyalty to the fighters I had already photographed.

I've included another broad subject matter: slogans on T-shirts.

More to come

The fighters here are part of a wide range of fighter photographs I'll eventually post: Two older men with the baggage of experience and the grace of a fighter; a young woman in a separate peace; and an up and coming champion, Malachi. I promise more of each of these.