Moving Metaphor | Night Cometh

When I was a young stockbroker in Dallas, I lived in a high rise apartment across a busy street from the Park Cities Baptist Church. A big, beautiful structure with a clock steeple. Almost level with my apartment were the words, "Night cometh." Ominous, but offering a solution.

Where I sit to process photographs and create time lapse videos, I can see the southwest sky from Albuquerque. There is often drama in those skies and I enjoy photographing it. And now there is major construction just off my deck. A daily offering of photographic subjects.

A couple of days ago, some clouds moved across the sky and they were beautiful. I captured more than 600 frames to create this time lapse video. And as I saw the progression from light to dark, I was reminded of that text on Park Cities Baptist Church clock in Dallas. And I thought, hmm. For whom does the night cometh? Or something about bells. An old man knows an answer.

Music by Chris Zabriskie | Cylinders | Cylinder 2

Walk well.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 Mark II
1/1600, f/8, ISO 200.


The Gifts of Photography

Nick Rendon is a bright, well informed young man. Very pleasant. In other words, a good companion on a photo shoot. That's one of the gifts of photography: the company of people who like to shoot in ways similar to mine. And shooting outdoors things, such as storms and stars, makes it even better. Long trips and outdoors settings.

Nick and I traveled to a place I sometimes use when shooting the Milky Way. It's a promontory that juts over the Rio Grande valley south of the Bosque del Apache. 

Canon 1DX Mark II, Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8
30 seconds, f/2.8, ISO 4000

I saw the low clouds and initially thought they might be a problem. Then I remembered how, if not too heavy, they could add depth and a bit of mystery to a shoot.

Walk well.