Moving Metaphor | Night Cometh

When I was a young stockbroker in Dallas, I lived in a high rise apartment across a busy street from the Park Cities Baptist Church. A big, beautiful structure with a clock steeple. Almost level with my apartment were the words, "Night cometh." Ominous, but offering a solution.

Where I sit to process photographs and create time lapse videos, I can see the southwest sky from Albuquerque. There is often drama in those skies and I enjoy photographing it. And now there is major construction just off my deck. A daily offering of photographic subjects.

A couple of days ago, some clouds moved across the sky and they were beautiful. I captured more than 600 frames to create this time lapse video. And as I saw the progression from light to dark, I was reminded of that text on Park Cities Baptist Church clock in Dallas. And I thought, hmm. For whom does the night cometh? Or something about bells. An old man knows an answer.

Music by Chris Zabriskie | Cylinders | Cylinder 2

Walk well.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 Mark II
1/1600, f/8, ISO 200.