Night Cometh

Greyscale photograph of lightning made from the deck of loft 8 Country Club Lofts.

Lightning over the ridge.

Recharging Albuquerque

I made this photograph of lightning over downtown Albuquerque from loft 10 at Country Club Lofts. Twenty second time exposure.

Lightning show over downtown Albuquerque.

Waterfowl on the Bread Line at Tingley Beach

I had paused in an afternoon to practicing photographing birds in flight at Tingley Beach when I noticed someone throwing bread into the pond. I didn’t like to see food being thrown into the pond, rather than spread on the bank, but I did pike seeing the raucous display of color.

This is my pick for the gym.

Birds on the Breadline.

Ready for Takeoff

Sandhill cranes live in family units, on the ground and in the air. Here a family prepares for takeoff in the morning to fly from their overnight in a pond to nearby cornfields. This leaning forwards alerts photographers to prepare for birds in flight.

Sandhill cranes prepare for takeoff at the Bosque del Apache.