The photograph was made by Leo York in Nebraska. June 2018.



Birds, storms, stars, and people. Photographing beautiful people and things gives me access to the details in the wonder of life.

We're beginning two areas of inquiry; of photography, writing, and learning: weather phenomena and the motivations of fighters. 

Photography leads me to places I've never been and would likely never go without it. And to see things I would have never seen.

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a bit of a biography

Adult things: Army officer. I built highways in Vietnam. Commanded four companies at different times. Taught Pentagon officers how to use nuclear weapons.

Stockbroker. Now this was fun. I did well and lived well. Penthouse on Nob Hill. Sailed in boats on San Francisco Bay. That kind of thing. And then came the midlife crisis. No details provided.

Graphic designer. Owned a small business. Some big time clients. Charged outrageous fees. 

Retired. That was no fun. No fun at all.

Photographer. Now this is fun.